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Uni-Sim offers high quality flag cases, shadow boxes, and object boxes to display your personal awards and other memorabilia. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the longstanding relationships we have formed with the many organizations and individuals who rely on us to provide them with our quality products.

Uni-Sim was founded in 1983 by a father’s desire to memorialize his son’s accomplishments in the Boy Scouts of America. The idea to document and commemorate a special event or accomplishment grew into the creation of a company dedicated to honoring those who serve America. Our signature piece, the unmatched “awards frame with pocket”, is a direct development of this ideal. Over the years, we have expanded our product range to include a variety of specialized cases designed to display the milestones of our clients’ lives.

While we still provide awards frames to the Boy Scouts of America, our customer list now includes the AAFES organization, the US Navy, the US Marine Corps, the US Coast Guard exchange system, a growing number of flag manufacturers, flag stores and trophy stores, and police departments. We have also added a line of sports display cases and our custom department is growing faster than any other. Many individuals like you proudly display their careers and special memorabilia in a Uni-Sim case.

We have been in our current central Maine location for the past eleven years. Our dedicated employees work diligently to build relationships with both the surrounding community and our vendors. These relationships allow us to supply you with quality customer service, consistent and reliable shipping, and of course, a product which we feel you will find exceeds your expectations.

Uni-Sim was founded in 1983 by a father’s desire to memorialize his son’s accomplishments in the Boy Scouts of America. Last year thousands of people, including members of the Armed Services, police men and women, firefighters, and regular moms and dads, purchased Uni-Sim Corporation display cases and became very satisfied customers. When it's time to finally honor that special person, or commemorate that special event, or preserve that special memory, a Uni-Sim display case is the right choice. Customers who choose Uni-Sim cases prefer American Made, solid wood, actual service uniform fabric, and a good price for an excellent product.

4 Architectural Drive Windham ME 04062

(800) 227-0886


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