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Your Source to Memorialize Loved Ones By Displaying Pride in Achievement!

Uni-Sim Proudly Manufactures and Assembles All Products in America!

Thousands of Armed Services Members Have Purchased Uni-Sim Display Cases!

Quality Flag Cases and Collectibles Boxes

Uni-Sim is a family owned and operated manufacturer of personal awards display cases. We are small enough that we provide unsurpassed quality and workmanship and large enough to be a major supplier to the U. S. Armed Forces and the Boy Scouts of America. We understand the values of small business and we provide competitive pricing.


Whether your customers need a funeral flag case to help memorialize a loved one or a display case to help display pride in achievement, we are your source. Uni-Sim manufactures flag cases, shadow boxes, uniform and sports jersey cases and collectibles boxes. Our craftspeople are also happy to work with you to design and build the perfect custom piece for your display needs.

Uni-Sim was founded in 1983 by a father’s desire to memorialize his son’s accomplishments in the Boy Scouts of America. Last year thousands of people, including members of the Armed Services, police men and women, firefighters, and regular moms and dads, purchased Uni-Sim Corporation display cases and became very satisfied customers. When it's time to finally honor that special person, or commemorate that special event, or preserve that special memory, a Uni-Sim display case is the right choice. Customers who choose Uni-Sim cases prefer American Made, solid wood, actual service uniform fabric, and a good price for an excellent product.

4 Architectural Drive Windham ME 04062

(800) 227-0886


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